Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal did a Q & A with me. I am glad the reporter, Jeffrey Trachtenberg, picked up on the ‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’ theme. Here it is:

Author Q&A
Across Africa, in a Mercedes

Dutch journalist Jeroen van Bergeijk documents his three-month-long road trip from Amsterdam to Africa in his new book, “My Mercedes Is Not for Sale.”

July 15, 2008

Dutch journalist Jeroen van Bergeijk set out on a three-month journey in December 2004 that took him across Europe, through Morocco, and finally into Burkina Faso, a small nation in West Africa once called the Republic of Upper Volta. He bought a 1988 Mercedes 190 D in the Netherlands for $1,200, and drove it across Africa to sell for a profit — a trek undertaken by other adventurous Europeans in the past.

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