A reader wants help identifying nuggets

Received an interesting e-mail this week, from a G. Clifton in California. The author claims he is trying to uncover a fraud and enlists all the help he can get. If any readers of this blog have an opinion, lets hear it. I certainly don’t. The nuggets, if that’s what they are, don’t look like anything I have seen in Australia.

Dear Mr. Van Bergeijk:
I am attempting to uncover a potential fraud.  Perhaps your readers can help.
I have been presented with the attached photos of gold nuggets obtensively recovered from a placer in the Middle East.  I have my doubts and suspect the images were obtained from the Web from a bonifide operation elsewhere, perhaps in Africa.  Have any of your readers seen these photos or nuggets before and can tell me where they are from?
Many thanks,
G. Clifton California


  1. Hello Jeroen,
    They look like genuine placer nuggets ie: They are definitely water worn, the area they came from can be identified by “gold finger printing”
    This of course has to be done in a laboratory and is used in the Australian Goldfields by the Gold Stealing Squad.


  2. Hoi Jeroen,
    If you ask me (and i am not a expert) they seem to look fake ! It looks as if they are painted. They all look very similar and everything has the same color, and i don’t see any unregularities .
    Far too perfect i think, look for pictures on the web so you can see what real gold looks like !
    But you are an expert yourself, you can also see the difference between fake and real.
    Greetings, Frenk
    Looking forward for your book .

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