Yes!!!! Goud

Na een weekend hard ploeteren is dit het resultaat Dat het maar circa 0.2 gram is (waarde 8 Australische dollar = 5 euro) mag de pret niet drukken.

Gold prospecting

I am leaving this morning for a trip to Wedderburn, Victoria, to actually go searching for gold. Gold prospecting is what it is called officially. A wonderful outfit called Gold Prospecting Australia is going to show me this weekend what it takes to be a gold prospector. This will all happen by the way in the area in Victoria where some time ago the largest gold nugget in the world was found.

Looks like Mad Max’s Bicycle

This really is Mad Max country! Saw this awesome – or I should say grouse – looking bicycle today when I went to Port Adelaide to pick up my stuff coming in from Rotterdam. It’s a Dunlop Bushranger mountain bike with a small, one cylinder engine fitted on to it. The great thing is that all the original bicycle gears still work. I suppose the owner starts the engine when going uphill or something. It has sprockets on both sides of the wheel. On the right side the original bicycle gears, on the left side a sprocket driven by the …

Eerste stukje uit Australie

Zo, het begin is er. Eerste stukje getikt. Beetje rare kop wel, maar goed (want dat zijn ze nou net niet, welkom). Deze week in Elsevier.