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  2000 nov  8: BUSH WINS!?
nov  6: New York, New York seen from the BQE

oct 30: Tickertape parade for the NY Yankees
oct 25: Changing of the leaves in upstate New York
oct  4: The press room at the first presidential debate in Boston

sept 29: Lady Liberty, from below
sept 24: Empire State Building
sept 13: Proliferate capitalism
sept  5: Burning Man II
sept  3: Burning Man I

august 30: Katz's: best pastrami in NYC
august 27: Little bird on top of the world
august 24: Soho
august 20: A perfect evening in Brooklyn
august  6: New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears

july 28: Panorama of the City of New York
july 25: McKenzie Pond in the Adirondacks
july  4: Fireworks
july  2: D.U.M.B.O

june 26: Black Dog Tavern on Martha's Vineyard
june 14: Bright lights, big city
june 11: Peter Lorre: 1904-1964
june 10: The Hollywood Sign
june  9: Paramount Pictures
june  8: Stuck on the freeways of the City of Angels
june  4: Big Brother in New York

may 30: Coney Island House of Horror
may 29: Freaks, Wonders and Human Curiosities
may  4: DeKalb Avenue subway station

april 24: Rose Center for Earth and Space
april 21: The New York Stock Exchange
april 17: Black Friday
april 14: McDonalds in Chinatown
april 12: Snowstorm in Montreal, Canada
april  3: Brooklyn Bridge (II)

march 30: Father and son in Asbury Park, New Jersey
march 26: Manhattan skyline
march 23: Empire State Building by Night
march 21: Brooklyn Bridge
march 15: Yahoo Billboard
march 13: What to get to get rid of that cold
march 10: I love NY
march  7: Bill Bradley for President
march  5: View from the Manhattan Bridge
march  2: On a clear day you can see forever

february 29: Coney Island: closed for the season
february 27: 86th Street Subway Station
february 24: Flatiron Building
february 22: Stop Eating Animals
february 20: Nam June Paik in the Guggenheim
february 18: It's snowing again
february 16: Times Square, 11 pm

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