jan 17

Salvation Mountain, California




october 31

Segway in Paris

july 20

Thomas Sankara's grave, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

july 17

Bergen op Zoom in Ghana

july 12

Elmina Castle

july 9

Kumasi, Ghana

july 8

The road to Kumasi, Ghana

may 6

Dikke Boom van Verwolde

april 30

Koninginnedag, Amsterdam

march 19

MeroŽ Pyramids

march 18

Osama Highway

march 16

Khartoum: "Jihad Military Equipments"

march 14

Sudan village

march 6

Yellow Cab N'Djamena style

march 3

The border between Niger and Chad

march 2

On the road in Niger

march 1

"Osama Bin Laden is my hero"

feb 28

Agadez, Niger

feb 25

Bye, Bye Peugeot 504

feb 24

Algerian sand dune

feb 15

Trein ongeluk

26 jan

Hollands Glorie




dec 12

IJspret onder de A10

may 19

US 1: the end

may 18

The overseas highway

may 17


may 16

"Ideal customers"

may 15

Huffman aviation

may 14

The future of airconditioning

may 13

Smile, you're in Disney World

may 12

The caddy on the beach.

may 11

Alligator in Okefenokee Swamp

may 10


may 9


may 8

Fort Bragg

may 7

The proof is on the roof

may 6

"A good muslim is a dead one"

may 5

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

may 4

Presidential Photo's

may 3

Room 343 at the Valencia Motel

may 1

The Liberty Bell

april 30

Still closed after the anthrax attacks

april 29

On the road again: Go Go Bar in New Jersey

april 22

Back in New York

april 21

"Abortus causes breast cancer"

april 20

Pawcatuck, Connecticut

april 19

God Ble America

april 18

American Firearms School

april 17

Big & Tall: God Bless America

april 16


april 15

Famous Sexual Attractors

april 14

Comfort Inn, Portland

april 13

I take foodstamps

april 12

Junk along U.S. 1 between Houlton and Calais

april 11

The beginning of U.S. 1

april 10

Stephen King's Home in Bangor, Maine

april 9

On the road

march 6

Get your kicks

march 5

Big Cactus

march 3

Petrified Forest

feb 24

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Park

feb 20

The Paris-Brooklyn Connection

feb 16

Subway Flag

feb 15

View from the new office

feb 13

View from the old office

jan 29

Welcome to Accident, Maryland

jan 28

Grafton, West-Virginia




dec 25

X-mas in Brooklyn

dec 22

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

dec 15

Ground Zero: Three months later

dec 13

The Apollo Theater

dec 12

M & G Diner

dec 9

132nd street

nov 10

Het valt uit de lucht en is humanitair

okt 25

Remote Lounge

okt 23

Flag folding for the Red Cross

sept 29

New view from the Empire State Building

sept 25

Making money

sept 23

Empty Tourist Bus

sept 21

Union Square Memorial

sept 17

Wall Street

sept 16


sept 15


sept 14

Candlelight Vigil

sept 13


sept 12

The Day After

sept 11

Around noon

sept 11

Around 9.15 am

sept 10

Downtown Manhattan before the disaster

sept 8

Manhattan Bridge bike path

august 30

Lobster boat

august 28

Bar Harbor, Maine

august 23

Flying taxi's

august 12

That's why they're called skyscrapers

july 28

Mont St. Michel

july 14

Yada yada yada

july 5

Foxwoods Casino

july 3

A hot Sunday afternoon in Coney Island

june 26

Fire escape in Harlem

june 18

Nice view from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

june 3

We buy gold...

may 28

New Amsterdam?

may 21

Yes, this is the Bronx

may 15

Peter Stuyvesant

may 8

On the road, in the caddy

april 25

Magnolia in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

april 20

Made famous by The Soprano's

april 12

Nathan's: Best Hot Dog In Town

april 10

Coney Island's Wonder Wheel

april 3

Stuck on the FDR

march 29

New York's finest on Times Square

march 22

Get in line to get married

march 13

Lincoln Memorial

march 3

My kinda keyboard

march 1

View from the office roof

feb 18

Kennedy Space Center

feb 16

The Magic Kingdom

feb 15

Celebration, Florida

feb 10

Bleecker Subway Station

feb 4

Queens' Pepsi-Cola Sign

jan 29

Greenwood cemetery

jan 23

It's snowing again

jan 12:

What's cooking?



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